CPU-Z 1.46 - 내컴의 시스템분석

2008.06.29 14:01
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is a diagnostic tool that provides information on your CPU,
including: processor name and vendor, core stepping and process, processor
package, internal and external clocks, clock multiplier, partial overclock
detection, processor features, supported instructions sets, L1 and L2 cache
information, location, size, speed, and technology.
• Name and number.
• Core stepping and
• Package.
• Core voltage.
• Internal and external clocks,
clock multiplier.
• Supported instructions sets.
• Cache

• Vendor, model and revision.
model and date.
• Chipset (northbridge and southbridge) and sensor.

Graphic interface.

• Frequency and timings.

Module(s) specification using SPD (Serial Presence Detect) : vendor, serial
number, timings table.

• Windows and DirectX

• AMD Puma platform (Turion & Turion
Ultra "Griffin").
• AMD Black Edition processors.
• Intel Xeon EX

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CPU-Z v1.45

2008.05.24 13:21


CPU 의 종류와 내부적인 기능 등 다양한 정보를 자세히 분석해주는 CPU-Z 입니다.

CPU 이름, 제조 회사, 종류, 속도, Revision, FSB 클럭, L1/L2 캐쉬 정보, MMX/3DNOW!/ISSE 지원 여부, BIOS, Motherboard(Chipset, Memory, AGP등), 메모리(사이즈, 타입, 타이밍 등)의 정보를 분석해줍니다. 결과를 저장하는 기능이 있는데, 단 하나의 HTML 파일로만 저장할 수 있는 점, 바로 인쇄할 수 없는 점이 아쉽습니다.

* Processors
Intel® Pentium™, Pentium™ MMX, Pentium™ Pro, Pentium™ II, Pentium™ !!!, Pentium™ !!!-M, Pentium™ 4, Pentium™ 4-M, Pentium™ M, Pentium™ D, Pentium™ XE, Pentium™ Dual Core, Core™ Solo, Core™ Duo, Core™ 2 Duo, Core™ 2 Quad, Core™ 2 Extreme, Celeron™ (P2/P3/P4/PM/CL) and Xeon™ (P2/P3/P4/C2D/C2Q) ; Itanium™, Itanium™ 2 ;

AMD® Am5x86, K5™, Geode LX, K6™, K6™-2, K6™-III, K6™-2+, K6™-III+, Athlon™ (4, XP, MP), Duron™, Sempron™ (K7/K8), Athlon™ 64, Athlon™ 64 X2, Turion™, Opteron™, Athlon™ FX, Phenom™ ;

VIA® C3™ (Samuel, Samuel2, Ezra, Ezra-T, Nehemiah), C7™, C7™-M ;

Transmeta® Crusoë™ TM3200, TM5400, TM5500, TM5600, TM5800 ;

* Chipsets
Intel® i430TX, i440LX, i440FX, i440BX/ZX, i810/E, i815/E/EP/EM, i840, i845, i845E, i845G, i850/E, i845PE/GE, E7205, E7500, E7520, i852, i855, i865P/PE/G, i875P, i915P/G, i915PM/GM, i925X/XE, i945P/PL/G/GZ, i945PM/GM/GT, i955X/XE, P965, Q965, G965, GL960/GM965/PM965, i975X, 5000X/P/Z, 5400A/B, P35, G33, G31, Q35, Q33, X38, X48 ;
VIA® Apollo VP3, Apollo Pro, Apollo Pro +, Apollo Pro 266, KX133, KT133(A), KT266(A), KT400(A), KT600, P4X266(A), PT880, PT880 Pro, K8T800, K8T890, K8T900, P4M800CE, P4M890, P4M900, CX700/VX700 ;

NVIDIA® nForce, nForce2, nForce3, nForce4, nForce4 SLI Intel Edition, GeForce 6100/6150 (nForce 410/430), nForce 520/550/560/570/590, 650i, 680i, 780i ;

ATi® RS350, RS400, RS480/RX480, RS482, RD580/RX580, RS600/RD600, RS690, RS700, RD790 ;

SiS® 645, 645DX, 648, 648FX, 649, 655FX, 655TX, 656, 662, 735, 756, 761GX, 760, 760GX, 755, 755FX, 741, 741GX, 671/FX/DX/MX ;

AMD® AM-751, AM-761, AM-762 (760MP) ;

* Memory
SDR, DDR, DDR2, FB-DDR2, DDR3, RDRAM (Rambus®) ;
EPP and XMP extended profiles